Top tips ahead of Ride London

Are you taking on Ride London this weekend? Is it your first ride, or perhaps you’re a regular returning to tackle the infamous Surrey Hills once again. 

As tempted as were, our in house team have decided to sit it out this year but FFF ambassadors Lucy Charles and Reece Barclay are ready to ride, and we’ve no doubt they’re set up for a stirling performance. 

They’re no strangers to long rides (or long swims and runs for that matter), so who better to seek some tips off than the champions themselves?

Top 10 tips

Tip 1: A few days ahead, think about starting to add some extra carbs ready for the big day out. If you want to know more about carb loading, check out our blog.

Tip 2: Service your bike so it’s ready to go, and you’re happy to ride it in any weather conditions.

Tip 3: On the morning of the race, be sure to have a big breakfast. Why not try our chocolate bircher oats?

Tip 4: Puncture protection tyres are far more important than speed on the UK roads. You can ask your local bike shop about these!

Tip 5: Pre-ride bike checks, wheels, brakes, and repair kit. Be sure to write a checklist and tick each off. You can also take your bike to your local shop to check wheels and breaks. They may also be able to advise on repair kits if you’re unsure about what should be in there. It’s also worth noting, Prudential has a team of Evans cyclists on the route, ready to help with punctures and repairs if you happen to be close to one of them.

Tip 6: During the race carry plenty of nutrition/fuel, especially if you like specific things. Use the aid stations as well, they are great and super friendly often offering an excellent selection of snacks and drinks.

Tip 7: Make sure you have checked the weather forecast, and have appropriate clothing to match this. Saying that it’s important to be prepared for it to change… this is the UK after all!

Tip 8: Ride on the left, overtake on the right. Always think about other riders, and be aware of what they are doing.

Tip 9: Ride at your own pace! It’s so easy to get sucked into going too fast, but remember there are plenty of reasonable hills, especially the lesser mentioned Leith Hill and you do not want to be left lacking the energy to tackle this.

Tip 10: Smile for the cameras, remember your chamois (bum numbing cream) and be sure to sport a strong sock game.

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