Lemon And Cashew Coleslaw



+ 2 Carrots

+ 1 Red pepper

+ 1 White cabbage

+ 1 Bunch kale

+ 5 Spring onions

+ Handful of cashew nuts

+ 10ml Olive oil

+ 1 Lemon

+ 50ml Water



1. Grate the carrot

2. Finely slice the cabbage, kale, red pepper and spring onion

3. Place all ingredients into a bowl

4. Put cashew nuts into a blender, turn on to slowest speed and leave to blend for 2 minutes

5. Slowly add the olive oil to the blended cashews

6. Slowly add the water- do not add too quickly as mayonnaise could split

7. Finish with lemon zest and lemon juice

8. Mix the cashew mayonnaise through the sliced cabbage to create a coleslaw

9. Enjoy!

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