Our Famous Protein Oreos

protein oreos

No doubt about it, we have saved the best for last.

If you’ve smashed (or even just survived) all 5 of the the crossfit open 2019 workouts, then this treat is well deserved.

We bring you our famous protein Oreos.

Ingredients (serves 2):

1 1/2 tbs maple syrup
1 scoop (30g) chocolate protein powder
2 3/4 tbs cacao powder
2 tbs ground almonds
1 tbs coconut flour
1 tsp vanilla protein powder
4 tbs Greek yoghurt


  1. Weigh the dry ingredients in a bowl (excluding the vanilla protein and the coconut flour), add the maple syrup and mix together.
  2. Place this mix in a piping bag and pipe even rounds (approx 3cm across) onto a lined tray, to make the cookies.
  3. Bake the cookies in a fan-forced oven at 200c for 6-8mins.
  4. Whisk the vanilla protein powder and the coconut flour into the yoghurt.
  5. Ensure the cookies are completely chilled before piping the yoghurt onto half the batch of cookies. Place the other half on top, sandwiching in the filling.
  6. Leave oreos to chill before serving

Andy Slater
Executive Chef