Seasonal star – Broccoli

Broccoli is available all year round, but it’s in it’s peak season from June to November. It’s a great health-boosting vegetable. Read on to find out more about the health perks of eating broccoli.

Health benefits of broccoli

Broccoli is an excellent source of vitamin C.
Vitamin C is critical for building and maintaining a strong immune system and aiding recovery from colds and flu. Not only does it fight off any bad bacteria, but it’s antioxidant properties neutralise free radicals so that the immune system is even stronger and ready to fight off its enemies! Free radicals are oxygen-containing molecules with an uneven number of electrons. The uneven number allows them to easily react with other molecules.  These reactions can cause damage to our cells and DNA which can trigger certain diseases like cancer.

Broccoli contains calcium and vitamin K, both of which are crucial for optimal bone health and the prevention of osteoporosis (health condition that makes your bones more fragile and easy to break).

Broccoli is rich in iron. Iron plays an important role in transporting hemoglobin in the bloodstream. If your body doesn’t have enough hemoglobin, your tissues and muscles won’t get enough oxygen and be able to work effectively. An iron deficiency can lead to unusual tiredness

For a vegetable, broccoli is fairly high in protein so it’s a good choice for plant-based meals.

Recipe – roasted broccoli

This delicious green vegetable can be eaten raw or cooked. Steaming or roasting will preserve the most vitamins and minerals and we prefer these methods at FFF!

We’re sharing with you a recipe for ‘Cajun roasted broccoli’. This can be given as a side or a main dish.

Serves 4 for a side dish or 1 vegan meal


1 head of broccoli

20g Cajun spice

5ml rapeseed oil

salt and pepper to taste


Take the florets off the broccoli and place into a bowl.

Cut the sides off the broccoli stalk as well as about 1cm off the bottom.

Cut the stalk into 1cm chunks.

Add the cut-up stalk to the florets, sprinkle with Cajun spice, salt, pepper and oil.

Mix all ingredients together, then pour out onto a lined baking tray

Place tray in the oven at 200c for 20 minutes

Carefully remove the tray from the oven and serve!

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