Alter your body composition, burning fat and increasing lean muscle to create a more toned, athletic physique. A balanced macro split will provide you with just the right amount nutrition to fuel your workouts and build and repair muscle.

Lean Gains PACKAGE


Our Lean Gains package is designed to fuel your training schedule and boost your performance to help you achieve a muscular, lean and strong body.

This high protein nutrition package will provide you with the fuel you need to boost your training performance, burn fat and maintain and build lean muscle mass. Your meals will be individually tailored to support your training regime and alter your body composition to your individual requirements.

Our nutritionist-designed, chef-prepared plans provide convenience and results without compromising on variety or flavour. They also introduce structure, precision and consistency to your schedule and remove the need to food shop, meal prep or count your own individual macronutrients or calories.

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Current Price: £6.50 per meal / snack Best Price: £6.50 per meal / snack