Our office package will provide you with the energy you need to excel in the work-space, and improve your personal well-being by using nutrition to improve your focus, productivity and stamina!



The Office Package offers a convenient, time-saving solution for busy city professionals who struggle to combine great taste and variety with consistent, quality nutrition.

This package includes either breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, plus a cold pressed juice and a healthy treat, all of which will be tailored to your individual nutritional requirements, expertly prepared by our team of chefs and delivered daily to your home or work.

This package is designed to boost productivity by increasing energy and concentration levels. It also promotes immune and digestive health, and let's you choose from a range of health and fitness goals: Fat Loss; All-Round Health; or Muscle Gain.

Example Menu

Example Pricing

The Office Package includes: Breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. Plus a sweet or savoury snack and a cold pressed juice.

Current Price: £6.50 per meal / snack Best Price: £6.50 per meal / snack