Summer Body PACKAGE

Eat your way to the summer body of your dreams! If you're looking for a diet optimised to accelerate fat loss, while you enhance tone and strength, then FFF's Summer body package is your perfect fit. Designed using a scientific approach, we combine a high protein, low carbohydrate and high fat diet with a calorie deficit to kick start your fat loss journey.

Using your height, weight, age and exercise frequency, our nutritional calculators will recommend a set of daily calories and macros unique to your summer body goals. The meals are tailored to you, using our chef-designed menu, so you can relax, and enjoy the sunshine while FFF takes care of all your summer body prep!


Men and women looking to lose weight, build strength and enhance definition.
Accelerated fat loss
• Maintaining a consistent, steady rate of weight loss with a plan that will keep you on track, even after you have reached your goals


20% Calorie deficit (determined using your basal metabolic rate, and exercise frequency)
Low carb, high fat macro split (40% Protein, 20% Carbs, 40% Fat) encouraging your body to use stored fat as energy.
• High nutrient density, low calorie density.
• High veggie intake for a high fibre diet.


• Either 3 or 4 meals per day, depending on your individual requirements.
• A healthy snack each day (your choice of sweet or savoury)
• A cold-pressed juice daily
• Essential healthy fats from avocado, nuts, seeds, and extra virgin olive oil based dairy-free dressings
• High fibre diet from seasonal vegetable sources


Gluten and refined sugar free
• GMO and preservative free
Freshly prepared by an expert team of chefs the day before delivery

Example Menu

Example Pricing

Current Price:: £6.50 per meal / snack Best Price: £6.50 per meal / snack