This package tailors a calorie target based on your individual statistics and personal training goals. Providing three meals per day and your choice to add on snacks, juices or shakes. Please note this package is not able to be dairy-free.

Vegetarian PACKAGE


FFF's bespoke vegetarian package provides the fuel your body needs to ensure you remain on track to smash your targets and perform to the best of your ability. This package tailors a calorie target to a specifically designed menu based on your individual statistics, and your personal training goals.

Whether you are aiming to shed fat, build and maintain lean muscle mass or just stay well-nourished on the go, our vegetarian menu will adapt to meet your needs.

This package consists of three bespoke, chef prepared meals per day, whilst giving you the freedom to add a variety of juices, shakes, and sweet or savoury treats as you like!

Fat loss - A calorie deficit ensures you are burning more calories each day that you are consuming, putting you in the best position to lose body fat

Maintenance - the perfect calorie balance to ensure you are neither losing or gaining weight, providing you with just the right quantity to fuel your day.

Lean muscle - a calorie surplus is applied to ensure you are getting enough of the right foods to support your training goals and fuel your gym sessions.

All three meals will provide you with a balanced diet consisting of the highest quality plant based protein sources, wholegrain, slow energy release carbohydrates and healthy fats, making sure you have the energy to go about your day and beyond!

Example Menu

Example Pricing

Current Price: £6.50 per meal / snack Best Price: £6.50 per meal / snack