Your Fitness – Need a night or two away from the kitchen?

Need a night or two away from the kitchen? No problem with these healthy meals on wheels. Once you’ve chosen your goals, a nutritionist will design your menu for you!

Evening Standard – A premium delivery service offering customised food

A premium delivery service offering customised food


Byrdie – Protein Pancakes

Protein pancakes are not only seriously filling but they are the go-to brunch treat for the fittest Insta stars. A great combination of high protein and carbohydrates, they fuel a workout (when eaten before) and aid muscle repair (when devoured after). Despite being relatively healthy, protein pancakes feel like a treat, which is a great morale boost if you’ve been watching your diet.

We called on the team at Fresh Fitness Food, a healthy meal delivery service, to create three exclusive protein-packed pancake recipes for you. The great thing about them is that each has been boosted with nutrient-dense ingredients. You can then top your freshly flipped pancakes with healthy add-ons like low-fat Greek yoghurt, almond butter, berries, nuts or seeds. Each recipe serves two people, but if you’re really hungry, you can eat them all by yourself; we won’t judge. So if you want to up your at-home brunch game or workout gains then gives these three protein pancake recipes a try.


Look – Food Delivery Services

Food Delivery Services to try now

INews – I thought personal training would change my life.

Whenever I have been “on a diet” I have always set myself a calorie target of 1200. It’s a totally arbitrary number, picked up from snippets of different advice in magazines and blogs. It clearly wasn’t working – not least because of my regular blowouts because, well, I was hungry. After having my basal metabolic rate measured (the amount of calories I burn before I move an inch every day), I was advised to eat nearly 1700 calories a day. Hurrah! Carbs were back on the menu, and encouraged, not just in the form of Friday-night pizza, but sensible, slow-burn carbs to help fuel my workouts. And protein, protein, protein. I couldn’t get my head around how little protein I had actually been eating – I used the My Fitness Pal app to measure my food intake for a number of weeks and it turns out my fat and carb intake was more than generous, but I was falling short on my protein intake. To get my head around what my portioning should really look like, I signed up for a week of Fresh Fitness Food, a meal delivery company that will cater to whatever macros and dietary requirements you may have. At the beginning they seemed like more protein than I could manage, but one week in I noticed I was feeling fuller between meals, with more energy and fewer cravings.

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Byrdie – Too Busy to Cook? Try This Instead

The Delivery Experience: You fill out the online form, choosing the meal plan you’d like (these include Fat Loss, Lean Gains and Wellness). You then provide information – like height, weight, exercise routine – so the team can really personalise the meals to you. The meals are then delivered to you daily in the early hours so you have them in time for breakfast.

The Food: Hannah Almassi, Editorial Director of Who What Wear, reviewed Fresh Fitness Food ahead of her summer wedding and dropped 4 pounds in a week. The food, on the whole, is tasty. And if there is anything you receive that your not keen on, you can call them to ensure you don’t receive it again. Also, the meals aren’t always traditional so you might find yourself eating meat at breakfast, so if you’re a traditionalist it’s well worth pre-warning them. While all the diet delivery services are aimed at healthy eaters and people who want to lose weight, Fresh Fitness Food is really designed to cater for people who are training as well.

Glamour – The perfect meal delivery service

“The perfect meal delivery service for any fitness foodie. If you struggle with meal prep and find it difficult to eat clean whilst leading a busy-working life, it might be worth giving this a go. The FFF team pride themselves on convenience, nutrition and customer service, ensuring that your food is as personalised and delicious as can be. My favourite meal so far was my Matcha Protein Waffle breakfast! I could definitely NOT make those at home”.

We tried with: Flexitarian diet

Metro – Are nuts and nut butters actually the miracle foods wellness bloggers would have us believe?

‘Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, such as those found in nuts, help to lower total cholesterol (and LDL), whilst increasing HDL (good cholesterol), and intake has been shown to aid with weight loss and the reduction in body fat.’


Look forward to not spending hours in the kitchen food prepping for the week; they do that for you. While you sleep the team cook up a storm and deliver a cool bag of meals before you wake.

Fresh Fitness Food Office Package

The Office Package is a flexible 9-5 life saver for all your workaholics out there. The package provides breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner plus a healthy snack or juice. No more stress al-desko.